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Frigg 01

A compact alternative for those who want to experience the effortless dynamic sound associated with Ø Audio.

Building on the Icon heritage, the brand-new Frigg 01 is a compact alternative for those who wants to experience the effortless dynamic sound associated with 0 Audio. The Frigg 01 are a high efficiency compact floorstanding speaker. The Frigg 01 is built on brand new drivers designed to set newstandards.


High efficiency – easy to drive

The Ø Audio Icon is a high-efficiency speaker that is easy to drive even for low-powered tube amplifiers. They are recommended to be used with amplifiers from around 8w depending on the setup and room size!


High efficiency – easy to drive

The Icon has a unique asymmetrical design with no parallel walls. This gives very little resonance and also reduces the problems with reflecting sound waves inside the cabinet.


Top-of-the-line components

Ø Audio only uses top-of-the-line components all the way in our products. We use custom-designed woofers from Acoustic Elegance, Italian-made compression drivers, crossover components from Duelund and Jantzen, and enclosures handcrafted in Poland.


Controlled directivity

The Icon has a controlled directivity! The horn has a directivity of 60 degrees horizontally, which is narrower than many other HiFi speakers. This results in fewer reflections from sidewalls, which makes a better and more precise soundstage.

Frigg 01 is designed with our special assisted first order constant phase filter. A first order filter has no phase distortion thus providing perfect impulse response by definition. Our version mathematically integrates an adjustment past the crossover point that reduces lobing. This improves the room integration significantly and makes the cross over point virtually impossible to hear.

The Frigg coaxial

In theory, the best driver would be a full-range driver that can play all frequencies perfectly. In the real world this is not possible, so what is the next best thing? We think that is a driver that could handle all frequencies from the lower part of the critical midrange and all the way throughout the audible range. Using a coaxial driver would be the natural alternative, but manycoaxial drivers have issues in the crossover region and many also produce heavy distortion when used at higher levels.

Lastly, a common problem is the difference between on and off-axis response. Therefore, we designed the Frigg coaxial midrange and tweeter to solve all off this, and more. First, we wanted the driver to behave like one single unit. To obtain this goal a first order filter is needed to keep the impulse response unchanged. This is a seriously difficult task with a coaxial driver, but after lots of simulations and testing we found the solution and are now proud to present the Frigg Coax driver.

The Frigg woofer 

Any great-sounding loudspeaker needs a woofer that can move some air. A common misconception is that the fastest accelerating woofer is the best. The best woofer, however, is the one that has the same acceleration factor regardless of the signal. It does not help if the driver is among the best at heat transfer if the force field is uneven or unstable. Our keyfocus is to always make sure we include all the important parameters, while at the sa me time using mathematic modelling to make sure we are fully aware of which parameters need the most attention. The result is a driver that excels at high excursions, it excels at high current mid bass duty, it excels at the high-power heat intensive music content, and even outperforms most midrange drivers at higher frequencies.


Nominal impedance

8 ohms

Mid and high-frequency drivers

Edgeless coaxial design

Tweeter driver

32mm titanium nitride dome tweeter

Midrange driver

6,5 inch ultra hard paper underhung low mass

Woofer driver

8 inch ultra linear long stroke extended range woofer


Assisted first-order constant phase


91dB/2,83V 2pi

Low-end extension


Recommended amplifier power



H: 980mm
W: 270mm + feet
D: 391mm


Walnut High Gloss

Oak Satin

White High Gloss

Black High Gloss

Output device, Audio equipment, Grey, Gadget
Output device, Audio equipment, Gadget
Audio equipment, Wood